Information relating to all types of cycling within the Bay of Plenty.
Compared to many other parts of New Zealand, the Bay of Plenty region, in particular the Tauranga city area, has been slow to embrace the cycling revolution. However this is slowly changing.

bw_2on_bikes-0139Cycling is very popular in the Bay of Plenty, boosted by a significant raise in the number of cyclists riding e-bikes. The popular Wednesday morning group which rides from Sulphur Point boat ramp has 50% of their riders on e-bikes.

The Bay of Plenty caters for all types of cyclists. There are clubs and groups for BMX, Mountain, Road, Recreational and Hand cyclists.

The Whakapaiwaka Bridge spans the Route K toll road opened early August 2018 and provides access between Cambridge Road, Bethlehem and the Kopurererua Valley cycling and walking paths which link to Gate Pa, The Lakes and the city.


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